Keep SharePoint Users Working

Learn how to cut your SharePoint training cost & get help for your SharePoint help desk

Cut SharePoint training cost and help your help desk

The fastest, easiest, most effective way to learn something new is to watch someone else do it correctly, then do it yourself.

What if your users could watch step-by-step videos that show them exactly how to do their SharePoint tasks?

And what if they got the exact videos they want, just in time, right there inside SharePoint, while they're working?

Introducing ShowMe SharePoint

ShowMe SharePoint is just-in-time, easy-to-use, easy-to-find videos that show users exactly how to use SharePoint, delivered from a state-of-the-art Microsoft cloud platform.

Solve these common SharePoint training problems

  • No training budget. ShowMe SharePoint is inexpensive enough to make video training available to everyone in the organization.
  • Training material doesn't get used. ShowMe SharePoint is available to every SharePoint user, and whenever you add new content everyone gets immediate access.
  • Project ROI fails if users don't learn SharePoint. ShowMe SharePoint drives SharePoint project ROI by driving user adoption.

Get real help for your SharePoint help desk

During and after enterprise SharePoint deployments, up to half of end user help desk calls are "how-to" questions.

Get ahead of your users' questions by sending them your users daily or weekly emails that link them to videos of their most critical tasks.

57% of companies use their help desks to train users

In fact, according to a study commissioned by CIO Insights (slide 8), the help desk team going one-on-one with end users tied for first place with training for new employees.

With ShowMe SharePoint, when a user calls with a "how-do-I" question, you can instantly email links to the most helpful videos for that person.

ShowMe SharePoint helps you get your help desk out of the training business and back in the help business.

How effective is video?

Videos work because they reach people with pictures, sound, words, and repetition--the keys to fast, lasting learning.

In fact, in a 2010 study, Forbes magazine reported that "Video is becoming a critical information source for senior executives".

Why don't more companies use video this way?

  • Even with easy to use, modern tools, video production is not yet a mainstream skill in most companies.

  • Streaming videos require complex infrastructure engineering, and most videos are too big to download.

  • BYOD and browser and video player incompatibilities are big challenges to a cost-effective video delivery engineering strategy.

ShowMe SharePoint takes all that away and makes it super-simple for you to deploy great video help to every SharePoint user.

ShowMe SharePoint uses patented targeting technology to show relevant videos to SharePoint users.

It's a powerful, Microsoft cloud-based enterprise video delivery application that runs right inside SharePoint.

How ShowMe SharePoint videos beat training

Pricing that cuts the cost of training

ShowMe users get 1,007 context sensitive, just-in-time, SharePoint and Office how-to task videos that demonstrate task steps in a tight, sensible order--screens, mouse clicks, everything.

For a limited time, per-user pricing starts at $10 and goes down fast.

That price includes ShowMe's state-of-the-art enterprise video delivery platform, SharePoint integration, and every one of those 1,007 SharePoint and Office step-by-step videos.

Jumpstart user adoption with ShowMe SharePoint

Get started by using our ShowMe libraries to drive user adoption with targeted videos that show your users exactly how to do critical SharePoint and Office tasks.

Point8020 will help you make your custom video training

For years, Point8020 have produced excellent step-by-step videos for Microsoft and other companies.

Point8020 can help you produce help videos of your in-house custom applications—just like the ShowMe SharePoint libraries.

Meet Martin Harwar and see sample ShowMe SharePoint videos

Martin Harwar is ShowMe's Chief Architect.

He has recorded a video for you in which he explains ShowMe SharePoint's design goals and shows a short demonstration.

Click on the blue icon to see Martin's presentation. Click on the other icons to see sample ShowMe videos.

ShowMe SharePoint at a glance: